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Q100379: Importing PySide2.QtWebEngine into Nuke 11


Currently you cannot import PySide2.QtWebEngine into Nuke 11 and you will get an error saying:


import PySide2.QtWebEngine
# Result: Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
ImportError: No module named QtWebEngine



This is because Nuke 11 does not currently contain PySide2.QtWebEngine in Nuke’s PySide2 implementation. The PySide2 implementation was introduced with Nuke 11, and prior to that Nuke used PySide instead. 

At the time Nuke 11 was originally developed, the QtWebEngine module from PySide2 was not complete and was missing four bindings which have been compiled for Qt5. Information about the missing bindings in PySide2 can be found here:


As this module was unfinished when implementing PySide2 into Nuke, it was decided to not include it in Nuke 11 hence importing QtWebEngine fails at present. 




While the Nuke engineers have been investigating including QtWebEngine in the PySide2 implementation for Nuke, they found that the libraries from the source code on the GitHub repositories, do not build correctly for the Mac OSX platform. However these libraries work as expected for Windows and Linux.


Due to high demand for PySide2.QtWebEngine in Nuke, QtWebEngine will be initially added to Windows and Linux, and you can track the progress of this implementation via the Bug Tracker link below:


TP 270776 - [VFX Platform] Linux Qt 5.6.1 build is missing QtWebEngine


We have also created a second bug for the Mac OSX specific implementation of QtWebEngine. This will take longer to implement as our developers need to patch the source code before integration into the Mac OSX version of PySide2 in Nuke. You can track the progress of this bug here: 


TP 332302 [VFX Platform] Mac OSX Qt 5.6.1 build is missing QtWebEngine


Due to the nature of development, we do not currently have release dates for when PySide2.QtWebEngine will be added to Nuke. To receive updates on the progress of these issues, please use the 'Follow' button on the bug report links above. 

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