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Q100377: Modo 11.2 is completing renders significantly slower than Modo 11.1


Modo 11.2 is completing renders significantly slower than Modo 11.1 using a combination of the following hardware:

  • A dual-core CPU with a minimum of 8 cores

Additionally, the render completion time increases exponentially when layer masks are added to the scenes Shader Tree.


This issue affects all methods of rendering in Modo 11.2: the standard Renderer, the Preview Rendered and Network Rendering can all exhibit this behaviour with the hardware listed above.



The cause of this slow render performance is due to a code path in Modo 11.2 designed for handling the layer mask feature. This conflicts with a new NVIDIA OpenGL driver profile optimisation feature which affects the overall evaluation of scenes during the rendering process.

This is logged as a known Modo issue under the following ID:

Bug 57639 - Very poor render performance related to the NVIDIA profiles for specific hardware combinations



While this bug is being investigated, the workarounds suggested are:

  • Render using Modo 11.1
  • Use a non-NVIDIA GPU (e.g. AMD)



If you are experiencing significantly slower render times in Modo 11.2 compared to Modo 11.1, and you are not using a machine with the above hardware combination, please open a Support ticket and include the following information:

  • Your GPU and driver version
  • Your CPU
  • A scene file that exhibits the problematic behaviour for testing on our end
  • The render times you are seeing in Modo 11.2 vs Modo 11.1

For more information on how to open a Support ticket, please refer to Q100064: Using the Support Portal.

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