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Q100417: "License Error: 'Device' is currently using this license." error message with floating RLM Modo licenses


When running Modo off a recently issued floating RLM license, users may only able to run Modo on one machine at a time.  When Modo is launched on a second machine it will pop up the following error message: "License Error: "Device" is currently using this license. Would you like to enter slave mode?"

Image 1: The "License in Use" error message in Modo

This prevents users from running Modo on a second machine regardless of the number of floating Modo licenses installed on the license server.



This is due to Modo interpreting the options string in the RLM license file as a serial number from the old Luxology licensing system and thereby preventing a second user from running off the same "serial".



This issue can be resolved by having your licenses regenerated without an options string.  If you encounter this problem then please raise a Support Ticket from the Support Portal and send us the following information:

  • A screenshot of the error message from Modo
  • A license diagnostic file from the Foundry License Utility (FLU) on your license server.  Instructions on how to generate this can be found Q100105: Diagnosing License Problems

Once we confirm this is the problem we will get your licenses regenerated and sent through.

A fix has now been implemented to avoid this problem happening with new licenses.

More information on how to create a Support Ticket is available in: Q100064: How to raise a support ticket

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