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Q100168: Support for Non-commercial Products


This article explains about the level of Support we provide for the Non-commercial versions of our products and where customers can go to find support resources for these programs.



The Non-Commercial versions of our products are free, non-watermarked versions of our software that have a small number of functional restrictions.  These enable users to learn and experiment with our software.  We currently offer Non-commercial versions of NUKE/NUKEX/NUKESTUDIO and MARI.

Support for the Non-commercial versions is provided via dedicated support forums for each product:

NUKE Non-commercial:
MARI Non-commercial:

The forums are a great place to ask questions, get help, post your work, and exchange tips and tricks with other artists. It’s packed with information to get you up and running. There’s also specific help if you’re having trouble with installation or licensing.
If you encounter any problems with the Non-commercial versions then please use the Non-commercial forums, please do not contact the Customer Support team or raise a ticket via the Support Portal.

For more information about our non-commercial software, including some great getting started videos, please visit: 


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