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Q100152: Nuke crashes on start-up with CaraVR installed and a headset plugged in


Nuke crashes on startup when you have CaraVR 1.0v1 installed and a VR headset plugged in.



This is caused by a recent update to SteamVR, which causes a conflict between Nuke and SteamVR.



A fix for this issue is now available starting with CaraVR 1.0v2 and onwards. The latest version of CaraVR can be downloaded from here.

NOTE: Due to a recent update to SteamVR (1485823399) a Nuke crash now happens when CaraVR 1.0v3 is loaded and no headset plugged in to a machine. This has been fixed in CaraVR 1.0v4, please see the following article for more information:

Q100261: Nuke start-up crash with recent SteamVR update (1485823399) and no headset plugged in


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    David Cameron

    1.0v3 seems to also have this issue. At least on one of our SteamVR machines, nuke 10.0v6 crashes until you remove SteamVR.