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Q100145: How to enable the advanced color management in Mari


This article describes how to set up Mari's advanced color management mode.

Please note that the advanced color management mode is for users who know exactly which options they want to change and have a general understanding of the OCIO standards.


You can enable the advanced color management in Mari by following these steps:

1. Navigate to Mari's configuration file named Mari.config (Linux and Mac) or Mari.ini (Windows)

2. Open the Mari.config/Mari.ini file in a text editor

3. Under the 'General' section, write the the following environment variable (only in Mari 3.1v1 and older, excluding Mari 3.0v4):


If the above environment variable already exists, make sure it is equal to 'true' instead of 'false' to access the advanced color management options.

NOTE: In Mari 3.0v4, 3.1v2 and later, you must use the following environment variable instead:


4. After having set the color space environment variable, you should see additional options in the 'New Project' dialog and controls that are exposed in the UI. Some of the options you may find are:
  • Working/Working Colorspace

  • OCIO config

  • Custom OCIO Configuration

  • Output Colorspace

  • Raw Data

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