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Q100139: How to Install a Legacy Modo License


This article illustrates how to install Legacy Modo licenses for Modo 10 series and earlier.  This covers installation of both single and multi user Luxology style licenses.  This method is done directly from Modo and does not require the Foundry License Utility (FLU).
NOTE: Please do not follow these instructions if you are installing a license to use with Modo 12 or Modo 11.

Instructions on how to activate login-based licenses for Modo 11 (Modo Subscription or Modo with Maintenance) can be found in Q100283: How to activate a Login-based or Subscription License
If you have an RLM license for Modo (including as part of a Collective) then please see the following articles:

There are 3 steps to get up and running.
  1. Download and save your licence file
    If you have requested a trial of MODO from our website, the license file will be attached to the automated email your receive.

    If you have purchased M
    ODO and received a serial code then log in to the Foundry website and Activate your MODO Serial code to add Modo to your website account.  You can then download the License for your version of Modo from the 'My Products' page.

  2. Download and install Modo
    You can either download MODO from the 'My Products' page of your Foundry Online Account or from the MODO Downloads page.

  3. Install the License
    Launch MODO and a Licensing Dialog will appear.  Click on "Install License" then "Install From Disk", navigate to where you saved the license file then select it and click "Open".  
Modo should then install the license and run.  For a multi-user or floating Luxology style license you need to repeat the steps above on each machine that you wish to run MODO on.

NOTE: MODO can only install a license file if it has the correct name.  If the license file has gained any extra characters in the name, e.g. (1), or has a .txt extension then MODO will not see it as a valid license and it will not install it.

The correct filename is different for each major version of MODO.
  • Modo 601: modo48460.lic
  • Modo 701: modo58358.lic
  • Modo 801: modo70287.lic 
  • Modo 901/902: modo85499.lic
  • Modo 10 Series: modo109580.lic
  • Modo 11 Series: modo138707.lic (trial licenses only)


If MODO produces an error message saying "the license specified is invalid" then please see the following article for more information:
Q100084: MODO 'the license specified is invalid' error message

If this does not resolve the problem then please follow the instructions in Q100013: Diagnosing License Problems.  This explains how to generate a License Diagnostic file and create a Support Ticket.

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