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Q100129: How do RLM failover servers work?


This article explains how RLM Failover servers work and how to get one up and running.  This is RLM's equivalent of a redundant server configuration.


RLM Licensing offers the capability of a license server to take over the license compliment of another server which has gone down.  This means you can have an additional license server (the failover server) to act as a back up to your original license server (the primary server).
NOTE: Failover license servers will not work if there is a firewall between the primary and failover server.
How to get a Failover License Server up and running
On the primary server:
  1. Install the Foundry Licensing Tools (FLT) and floating license(s) for the primary server in the standard way.
  2. Start up the RLM server.
The floating licenses are then available on your network.

On the Failover server:
  1. Install the Foundry Licensing Tools (FLT)
  2. Manually place both the failover license file (foundry_failover.lic) and the primary machine's licence file (foundry_float.lic) into the following RLM license directory.
    OSX: /Libary/Application Support/TheFoundry/RLM
    Linux: /usr/local/foundry/RLM
    Windows: "C:\Program Files\The Foundry\RLM" and "C:\ProgramData\The Foundry\RLM"
  3. Start up the RLM server on the Failover machine. 
The RLM server will run on the failover machine and monitor the RLM server process on the primary machine. If it sees primary RLM server go down then it will spring in to action and make the licences available on the network. Please note that it can take up to around 2 minutes for this to kick in.
On the client machines:
In order to get licences from either the primary server or the failover server you need to point your workstations (client machines in licensing terminology) at both servers by doing either of the following:
How to request a Failover License
If you need to run a Failover License then please contact our Sales team ( to request this.  Please send us both the SystemID and the hostname of the failover server.  They will then be able to generate a failover licence for you.

Further Reading

More information is available in the "Failover License Servers" section of the RLM End User Guide.

Information about setting up a floating license server is available in Q100027: How to install a floating license

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