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Q100123: Setting custom keyboard shortcuts in MODO


This article explains the process to change MODO keyboard shortcuts via the Input Editor.


For a list of all default keyboard shortcuts, please see Appendix A: Keyboard Shortcuts of the online documentation.

You can edit existing shortcuts or add new ones by using the Input Editor, which can be found under the System menu.

Context Mode:

Specifies what context that shortcut applies to, such as different layouts or whether in Item or Component mode.

Edit Mode:

Different filters for the list of shortcuts. The options are:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Viewports
  • Tools

View Mode:

Allows further filtering of the list:

  • Keyboard/Mouse & Keyboard
  • Commands
  • Actions

Show Unmapped Keys:

Filters whether the shortcut list include unassigned keys or not.



Depending on the filters/views you will either have the option to change the trigger itself or the command a particular trigger has. 

One is called Bind Event, which is used for trigger events such as navigation and accepts a mouse click with or without a modifier, such as Ctrl-Left Click

The other is called Change Key Command, which is used to assign a predefined key a specific command, such as the render command: Render

Keywords: Input Editor, hotkey, shortcut, keyboard shortcut, customisation


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