Q100133: How to Uninstall the Foundry Licensing Tools



This article explains how to remove the Foundry Licensing Tools from a machine.

If you need to remove the Foundry Licensing Tools (FLT) from a machine, either because you're transferring your licenses to another server or if you accidentally installed them on a client machine, then please use the uninstaller scripts to ensure they are cleanly removed.
Open a Terminal (from Applications > Utilities) and run the following command:

sudo /Applications/TheFoundry/LicensingTools7.1/uninstall.sh

From the start menu, navigate to
Start > All Programs > The Foundry > FLT 7.1v1
and then right-click on "Uninstall FLT 7.1v1" and select "Run As Administrator".

Run the following command in a terminal as root or with sudo:
The steps to uninstall FLT 7.0 are the same as 7.1, you just need to replace "7.1" with "7.0" in the steps above.  For example, to uninstall FLT 7.0v5 on Linux you would run the following command:
sudo /usr/local/foundry/LicensingTools7.0/uninstall.sh

For instructions on how to remove even older versions of Foundry licensing tools, please see Q100135:How to Uninstall Old Versions of Foundry Licensing Tools.

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