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Q100131: V-Ray MODO Installation Help


This article gives guidance on how to install and license V-Ray for MODO and where to find further information for help.


Setting up V-Ray for MODO is a 2-step process, the installation of the plugin itself and then the License Server.

Shortly after purchasing V-Ray for MODO, you will receive an email from Chaos Group with instructions on how to get up and running but here is a brief summary of the links that you'll need.

After registering at your account will be given access to V-Ray for MODO.  You can then use the links below to download both plugin and their license server:


For information on how to install both the plugin and the license server, please see the following:


Please note that support for the V-Ray for MODO is provided by the V-Ray Team at the Chaos Group. Please direct any issues or queries directly to the V-Ray Team, at

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