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Q100116: Colour banding problems in Mari 3.0 and 3.1


Painting and baking in Mari 3.0v1 to 3.1v1 can sometimes create strange visual artefacts when colour management is turned on. 



This problem is caused by Mari's preferences not being set up to perform colourspace conversions, when painting and baking. 


If you are experiencing colour banding you can do the following in order to mitigate the issue:

1) Set your Virtual Texture Atlas to something higher than 8-Bit 

To modify your Virtual Texture Atlas go to:
Edit > Preferences > GPU > Virtual Texture Type 
Note: Mari's Virtual Texture Atlas stores texture information that is represented on your screen. 

2) Set your Paint Buffer Depth to something higher than 8-Bit 
To modify your Paint Buffer Depth go to: 
Painting > Paint Buffer > Colour Depth >
Note: This determines the resolution of the paint you put onto the canvas

When these two preferences are set to 8-Bit Mari cannot attain enough data about the texture you are painting down, so when the Colour Manager is enabled, it will introduce quantization errors resulting in your textures which results in the banding.

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    Benoit Parent

    Sweet! This fixed my problem and stopped me from panicking. Thanks for the "in-depth" explanation!  :D