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Q100128: Which kits are compatible with MODO 10?


This article lists all the kits which are known to be compatible with MODO 10 series. This list is correct as of 1st August 2016.


The following kits have all had compatibility updates to work with MODO 10 series releases.

  • Power Translators v1.2
  • Power SubD-NURBS v2.4.4
  • MODO for Solidworks Kit
  • Non-Photorealistic Rendering Kit
  • Automatic Character Setup 2 (ACS 2) Kit
  • HDRE Landscape Kit
  • HDRE Moofe Kit
  • HDRE Urban Kit
  • Makerbot Kit
  • Colorway Kit
  • SLIK 2 Kit
  • VP Archviz Complete Kit
  • VP Archviz Basic Kit
  • VP FREE Archviz Kit
  • PACK Kit
  • SPLASH Kit
  • After Effects IO Kit
  • Substance for MODO

Please note that other kits may work, notably older content only kits should work with MODO 10. 

Keywords: Kits, plugins, compatibility, MODO 10, PKAT

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