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Q100111: Workarounds for setting environment variables on Mac OS X El Capitan


With recent updates in OS X El Capitan the supported workflow for setting up environment variables on Mac has been broken. This has been caused by changes on Apples part that prevents the use of the 'launchd.conf' workflow.

Mac OS X El Capitan is not a supported OS so we cannot provide officially supported workarounds for this issue, but this article will serve as a resource for unofficial/unsupported workflows that other users have had success with for setting up environment variables. 


One resource involves using the .bash_profile file as described here (for shells):

The following forum thread also discusses a method using the environment.plist file (for launchers):

It has also been reported that using the command launchctl setenv variable 'value' is a possible method for setting environment variables in OS X El Capitan:

Please be aware that none of these workflows have been tested by The Foundry and as such, we can not provide support for any problems that arise from using them.

Keywords:  environment variable, environment variables, env var, OSX, OS X, El Capitan, Mac

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