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Q100137: Loading old projects into Mari 3.0 or above


With the notion of OCIO and the Colour Manager introduced in Mari 3.0 or above, it can be incredibly tricky to figure out what settings to chose in order to get your old assets looking like they did in previous versions of Mari.

This article is intended as a step by step walk-through guide on how to bring old assets in Mari 3.0 and above, while retaining the same colour information.



In older versions of Mari, there was no real notion of colourspace. 2.0 managed colours depending on the channel's bit-depth. By default 8-Bit channels were set to sRGB and 16 & 32-Bit channels were set to Linear.

In Mari versions 3.0 and above, we have introduced the concept of Colour Management which now allows you to set the colourspaces appropriately.


When you bring in a old project into Mari 3.0 or above, the 'Raw Data' flag is set on the channels and the images in the image manager. This means that no colour conversion is applied to these channels and images. 

If you didn't want to modify or alter these channels and images then this would be perfectly fine and you could work on the rest of your new project as intended.

Please note that if you were painting everything in 16 or 32-Bit your channels will be treated as linear. This means that you don't need to do anything when bringing in your old project as the default working colourspace in Mari 3.0 and above is linear.

However, if you were painting in sRGB in 2.0 and had some mechanism like the sRGB2Linear adjustment in your layer stack, you have two options:

a) Remove the sRGB2Linear layer, un-check 'Raw Data' and set the colorspace to sRGB so that Mari can apply a sRGB to linear colourspace conversion automatically.

b) Do nothing as ;Raw Data; is checked, meaning Mari will do no colour conversion and the existing sRGB2Linear layer will do the conversion needed.



If you wish to work on any layer from a project imported from previous versions of Mari, you must unset the 'Raw Data' flag on your channels or specific layers you want to modify, otherwise you will see mismatching results.



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