Q100107: How to reserve licenses for different users or machines



This article explains how you can manage which users or machines are able to use the floating licenses on your server.


You can manage which users or machines are able to use the licenses floating from your server by adding commands to the "foundry.opt" options file on the license server - this file is created when the Foundry Licensing Tools (FLT) are installed.
You can edit the Options file by navigating to where your license files are installed and editing the "foundry.opt" file in a text editor.  The file can be found in the following directories:
/Library/Application Support/TheFoundry/RLM/
C:\Program Files\The Foundry\RLM\
C:\ProgramData\The Foundry\RLM\


How to reserve licenses

The RESERVE keyword can be used to reserve a number of licenses for given user(s) and/or groups of work stations (if you're reserving for a group of users or workstations then you also need to specify the group).  Here are some example commands:
  • To reserve one mari_i license for a user called "isaac" you would add the following line to the file

    RESERVE 1 mari_i user isaac

  • To reserve 4 Nuke licenses for a group of users you would use

    GROUP bugs john paul george richard
    RESERVE 4 nuke_i group bugs 

  • To reserve 5 Katana render licenses for 5 render machines you would use

    HOST_GROUP renderboxes render01 render02 render03 render04 render05
    RESERVE 5 katana_r host_group renderboxes


NOTE: Any reserved licences are not available for other users. 


How to prevent licenses from being used by users, groups or machines

The EXCLUDE keyword will prevent the specified user(s) or workstations from using a type of license.  

  • To prevent a group of users from taking a Production Collective license you would use

    GROUP rolling michael keith charlie
    EXCLUDE foundry_production_i group rolling 


Further Reading

More information about how the options file can be used is available in the "ISV Options Files" section of the RLM End User Guide.

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