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Q100140: How to limit the number of processors that The Foundry plug-ins for Adobe After Effects use


This article explains how to launch Adobe After Effects with The Foundry plug-ins limited to the amount of processors they can use.  This can help with troubleshooting any problems with The Foundry plug-ins for After Effects.


Sometimes The Foundry plugins for After Effects, such as Keylight and CameraTracker can become unstable as they can be very hardware intensive. Limiting the max number of processors that The Foundry plug-ins use can improve stability.

You can set the number of processors that The Foundry plug-ins use by setting and environment variable called "FOUNDRY_MAX_PROCESSORS".  The instructions below will limit the plug-ins to running on a single processor, to make them run on more processors you would set the variable to a higher number.


  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to the Support Files folder inside the After Effects folder. The default location for this is at: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects ####\Support Files

  2. Open a Command Prompt window from that folder. This can be done the Shift + Right clicking the background of the folder, then clicking Open command window here, as shown below:

  3. In the Command Prompt, run the command: set FOUNDRY_MAX_PROCESSORS=1

  4. In the same Command Prompt, run the command: AfterFX


  1. Open a Terminal from Applications > Utilities
  2. In the Terminal session, run the command: launchctl setenv FOUNDRY_MAX_PROCESSORS 1

  3. In the same Terminal session, run the command: open -b com.adobe.AfterEffects



More guidance on how to set environment variables is available Q100015-How-To-Set-Environment-Variables


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