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Q100100: Nuke is not recognising my graphics card


This article shows what to do if Nuke is not recognising your machine's graphic card.


The first thing we would recommend is ensuring your drivers are up to date. If they are and you are still experiencing issues then try rolling back to an earlier driver release.

If you continue experiencing issues with Nuke not recognising your graphics card, then it is likely either a previous graphics card has been saved as the GPU device in your preferences file, or the preference has been saved as "no GPU device".

In order to ensure Nuke recognises your latest GPU you will need to edit your preferences file. To do so, please do the following:

1. Navigate to your preference file:


2. Open in a text editor
3. Delete the entire line starting with 'selectedGPUDeviceName'
4. Save the preferences file
5. Launch Nuke

If you are still seeing any issues after performing the steps outlined in this article, then please open a Support ticket and let us know the issue you are encountering and the troubleshooting steps you have taken so far.

For more information on how to open a Support ticket, please refer to the 'Using the Support Portal' article.

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