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Q100093: QuickTime security on Windows



This article explains the recent Apple security update and how this affects your Nuke usage. 

Recently Apple announced that they were no longer supporting QuickTime for Windows due to potential security holes and users are being advised to uninstall QuickTime on Windows machines. More information can be found on the official Apple website and US Department of Homeland Security.
We are aware that security is of high priority to our customers and that keeping QuickTime installed on Windows can cause a conflict of interests with the above advice.

Nuke 10.0v1 and earlier versions continue having a dependency on the QuickTime library and as such require this installed on Windows in order to run. 
With Nuke 10.0v2 we have now eliminated this dependency and you will be able to run NUKE, NUKEX, NUKE STUDIO, HIERO and HIEROPLAYER, without having QuickTime installed on your Windows operating systems.
Nuke however continues to require QuickTime to use the full list of QuickTime native .mov library codecs, and unfortunately there is no workaround we can offer currently if you need to use those codecs.
In Nuke 10.0v2, the internal mov64 Reader and Write now expose a list of .mov codecs that can be used to continue reading and writing .mov files. This list is however limited compared to the full list exposed by the QuickTime native library. 
For example, the Nuke internal .mov 64bit Writer now supports the following codecs without a QuickTime library dependency:
Compared to this list, if you have QuickTime installed then the .mov codecs list sourced using the native QuickTime library would look like (mov64 bit Writer list): 
NOTE:  Depending on which .mov codecs and profiles you require for your Nuke projects you may still require the QuickTime ;library installed in order to render the scripts correctly. 
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    Still getting the mov32 mov64 message on non-commercial copy