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Q100148: How to render from a terminal using an interactive Nuke license


This article explains how you can use an interactive license for terminal renders from Nuke.  This is useful if you do not have any render licenses available.


When you render a Nuke script from the command line or terminal, by default Nuke will request a render license (nuke_r).  Here's an example render command to render frames 1 to 100 of a Nuke script called "myScript.nk".

Nuke10.0 -F 1-100 -x myScript.nk
If you want to render using an interactive license (nuke_i) then you need to add -i to your render command. The command above would change to one of the following 
Nuke10.0 -F 1-100 -x -i myScript.nk
Nuke10.0 -F 1-100 -xi myScript.nk
NOTE: The interactive license will be tied to the machine for the duration of the render.  Therefore if you are using floating licenses then an interactive license would be in use by the machine rendering the script and not available elsewhere.
Further Reading
A full list of the command line flags that you can use when running Nuke from a terminal is available in the Command Line Operations section of the Nuke User Guide.

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