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Q100087: MODO Environment Variables


This article lists the environment variables that you can use with MODO to change the locations it uses for various settings and files.



  • NEXUS_CONTENT - The path used to locate the Content directory
  • NEXUS_ASSET - The path used to locate the Assets directory
  • NEXUS_PREFS - The path used to save and load the configuration file
  • NEXUS_USER - The path used to locate the Configs and Scripts directories
  • NEXUS_LICENSE - The path used to locate the license file
  • NEXUS_TEMP - The path used to write temp files
  • NEXUS_LOGS - The path for various logs (commandLog.txt, netLog.txt, slaveLog.txt & masterLog.txt)


For information on how to set up environment variables, please see the following Knowledge Base article: Q100015: How To Set Environment Variables

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