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Q100085: Where can I find the MODO 10 Import Scripts for Unity and Unreal?


This article explains where you can find the plug-ins for Unity and Unreal which enable you to bring in data from MODO as FBX files with retained shading.


Until these are available from Unity and Epic's stores, we are providing access to the scripts and plugins through GitHub. They allow you to load your FBX exports from MODO 10 directly into the game engines while retaining the shading you have set up using the new Unity and Unreal materials.

More details can be found in the MODO 10 documentation Appendix D

Unity Import Script:!/content/54647

Details on the MODO to Unity workflow:
MODO 10 Quick Clip - Unity Material Import

Unreal Import Plugin:

Details on the MODO to Unreal workflow:
MODO 10 Quick Clip - Unreal Shader

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