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Q100083: License file permission problems


Disk permission problems can happen on macOS, Windows and Linux and prevent the user from being able to install a license.

When attempting to install a license with the Foundry Licensing Utility (FLU) 8.0, if it cannot write the license to disk it will show an Invalid License error message with "Failed to Install - Disk Write Permission Error" as the reason.


If you have tried to install the license from the Licensing dialog in an application it give an error message "Status [Error]: Unable to open file."




The license directory for node-locked, floating/server and client license files is a system location on the machine so that any user logged in to the machine can access a license.

  • Windows: "C:\ProgramData\The Foundry\RLM\" and "C:\Program Files\The Foundry\RLM\
  • MacOS: /Library/Application Support/TheFoundry/RLM/
  • Linux: /usr/local/foundry/RLM/

Due to the directory being in a system location, creating the RLM directory and/or writing a license file to the location can require admin permissions. If the user running the FLU or application doesn't have admin permissions they may not be able to install a license.



You should be able to install the license by running the Foundry Licensing Utility (FLU) as administrator.

  • macOS: 
    Open a Terminal from Applications > Utilities and run the following commands:

    cd /Applications/
    sudo ./FoundryLicensingUtility
  • Linux:
    Run the following commands in a Terminal

    cd /opt/FoundryLicensingUtility
    sudo ./FoundryLicensingUtility
  • Windows:
    Right click on the Foundry Licensing Utility (FLU) and click "Run as Adminstrator"

Then install the license as normal:


Windows - check file viewing permissions

If you still encounter problems on Windows then the next step is to check that your user can view the ProgramData folder so you can read and write license files.

In Windows Explorer, turn on 'Show Hidden Files and Folders' in the Windows Folders and Properties - View options.



For more information about licensing please see the Foundry Licensing Online Help

The Support Portal has articles on installing different license types and error message:

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