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Q100075: Activation Keys fail with "This key is for a different version of the product" error message


When trying to use an Activation Key directly from a product (e.g. Nuke, Mari, Hiero) it fails to create a licence and gives the following error message:

Server returned an error.Details : This key is for a different version of the product. Please contact


Activation keys can only be activated from the major version of the product that they're issued for - an activation key issued for Mari 2.6 cannot be activated from Mari 3.0.  

You can see which version of the product the activation key is compatible with from the 2nd set of digits in the activation key.  For example, an acitvation key for Mari 2.6 would look something like

Note: Once the licence key is generated it will work with any versions released during the maintenance period of the licence.


You can create your license from the activation key in one of the following ways.

1) Activate it from the version of the program it was issued for.
The product download pages on our website often have download links for the current and last major version.  Please use the 'Create a Ticket' link to contact support if you cannot find the version you need.

2) Use the activation key with the following page of the website to manually make the licence.

Note that you'll also need to supply the SystemID of the machine that you need to use Mari on.

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