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Q100073: Required information for logging a Support ticket


This articles offers an overview of what is recommended to provide for a Support ticket to help us investigate as soon as possible. 
For information on how to use the Support portal to log a ticket, please refer to the 'Using the Support Portal' article.


Before logging a Support ticket we recommend that you first review the Product Troubleshooting articles (Nuke and Mari) to see if this helps resolve your issues.

If you are still seeing issues after performing the steps outlined in these articles, then please open a Support ticket with us.



When submitting a Support ticket we require the following information to help us investigate the issue further and log the appropriate bug report or feature request with our engineering teams:

Problem description
A clear description of the problem you are encountering

Reproduction steps
A step by step guide of what actions you are taking from launching the product to seeing the issue.
For example:
1. Open Nuke9.0v8
2. Hit 'S' in the node graph and navigate to the OCIO tab
3. Change OCIO config to 'spi-vfx'
4. Create a constant node
5. Create an OCIOColorSpace node
6. Check the In/Out knobs in the OCIOColorSpace node
Result: In and Out knobs are displaying incorrect information
Product and Machine Information
The product and product version i.e. NukeX 9.0v8
The operating system and version i.e. OS X El Capitan v10.11.2
What is your machine hardware specification?
1. Machine type, CPU, RAM, graphics card type and spec?
2. Exact GPU driver version. Is this the latest driver version?
Have you tried reproducing on a different machine (different spec) and are you seeing the same issue? This will help us isolate a machine dependant problem.
Product Version
If you are running the latest available version of the product, did you also see the problem in an earlier version of the product?
If you are not running the latest available version of the product, can you please try updating to the latest version and letting us know if the same problem happens?

Simplified project files and footage
Is the problem reproducible using a script/project/scene? If so can you please send a simple example that reproduces the problem?
Sending a project file is always useful and can help us to understand what you are doing when you encounter your issue. 

Sending footage is useful as it is common for problems to be specific to the footage itself. We are happy to sign any NDA's to help facilitate the transfer of files.

Screenshots/Screen recordings
Providing screenshots or screen recordings is always extremely useful so we can get a comprehensive understanding of the steps you are taking.
We recommend using screen capture software rather than recording from a camera as this will ensure no information will be blurred or too low resolution to read.

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