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Q100080: Troubleshooting NukeStudio Frame Server issues


This article elaborates possible issues that may cause problems with your Nuke Frame Server setup.

More details on what the Frame Server is and how to set it up can he found in our online help documentation, under the Frame Server chapter.

Instructions for testing if the Frame Server is working correctly can be found under Q100089: Testing that the Frame Server is using network slaves correctly



1) Invalid Python command

Make sure that the Python command you are executing is correct and has neither spelling mistakes nor incorrect parameters. To test the command is correct please follow these steps:


If the command has been initialized properly, executing it in the Command Prompt/Terminal should block you from further usage and look like:




  a) Close all instances of Nuke/NukeStudio
  b) Run the System Monitor application for your specific OS

  • Windows - Task Manager
  • OSX - Activity Monitor
  • Linux - top (or similar Terminal commands)

  c) Check if the process python.exe/python is running.

TIP: If you are using Windows you can select to show the "Command Line" column in you details view (right click > Select Columns).  Under "command line" it should display the executed python command

If it is not running, please make sure to double check the syntax in your command. To troubleshoot command syntax problem look at:

Common Syntax mistakes include:

  • Complete missing of Python Startup command
    • correct: "./python ./pythonextensions..."
    • incorrect: "./pythonextensions..."
  • Spaces between Parameter and Parameter input
    • correct: "--numworkers=2"
    • incorrect: "--numworkers= 2"
  • Missing or incorrect port number
    • correct: "workerconnecturl=tcp://bob:5560"
    • incorrect: "workerconnecturl=tcp://bob"
  • Incorrect filepaths
    • often caused by confusion between relative and absolute paths

Please check if using the above helps resolve the issue (steps to test this are explained here), if not please continue with step 2.

2) No connection between the Master and Slave machines

As a first step you need to ensure that a connection between the Master and the Slave machine can be established.

To test if the Master and Slave machines communicate with each other please use the 'ping' command in your Command Prompt/Terminal like:

Can the Master view the Slave?

ping HostName_Of_Master_Machine

Can the Slave view the Master?

ping HostName_Of_Slave_Machine

BOTH should result in successful reply from messages.

If you get no response for either then the problem lies within your network configuration rather than the Frame Server. You must ensure the Master and Slave machines can ping each other successfully for the Frame Server setup to work.

3) Firewall blocking the Frame Server connection.

Windows Firewall will often block the Frame Server. To test and identify if this is the problem you're seeing, please temporarily switch off the firewalls on both the Master and the Slave machine and then test your Frame Server setup again. (steps to test the Frame Server setup are explained here)

If testing reveals that this was causing the issue, please make sure to create firewall exceptions for the used port and processes.

Further Information:

a) Make sure both Master and Slave have permissions and access to the project relevant files and folders.

b) If you are not running a remap command, make sure any shared network locations are mapped to the same drives.

c) To remap multiple drives, please use the following syntax:

--remap "/Volumes/vfx,/mnt/vfx,/Volumes/media,/mnt/catapult,/Volumes/source,/mnt/source"


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