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Q100102: Change editorial email notifications within Flix

This article shows how you can change editorial email notifications within Flix.



1. navigate to FLIX_ROOT/flixApp/flixConfig/core/localParameters.yml - This file exists on ALL Flix installations 5.2 and newer. You may however see it in previous versions as it has been an option in previous versions, just not the default but most clients running a previous version will have a which is stored at the same location. If they have both edit the .yml - It overrides the .py

2. Set the To and From Editorial e-mail addresses:

To:     emailToEditorial : 'flix-[show]@[domain]

From: emailFromEditorial : 'flix-[show]@[domain]'

3. To include the links to the content in Flix in the Editorial e-mails, enable the includeEmailLinks parameter: includeEmailLinks : '1'

4. Set the name to use for the default Editorial workspace to:
defaultWorkspace : 'main'

5. Set the name to use for the default Editorial branch to:
defaultBranch : 'main'

6. Set the list of users allowed to access the restricted Editorial access to:
editorialRestrictedAccessUsers : 'flix'

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