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Q100103: Create a CTL for Flix using Avid with Filmscribe


This article explains how to create a CTL for Flix using Avid with Filmscribe.
In Avid Media Composer 8.2 and older, Avid uses Filmscribe to create the CTL that Flix needs.
To do this, within Media Composer, select Output > Filmscribe

Once Filmscribe opens, navigate to File > Open to open the bin containing your sequence.

Double-clicking the sequence opens it within the Cut List Tool dialog.In the Tracks panel, select the video tracks you want to import in Flix and make sure the audio tracks aren’t selected.

Click on Global in the Lists menu.
Global Options appear on the right side of the dialog.
Ensure the following Global Options use the listed settings:

• Template - set to Columnar
• Picture Conforming - set to A Roll (Single Strand)
• Using - set to KN Start
• Sound Conforming - set to lnk
• Running Footage as - set to 35mm 4p
• Master Durations - set to Frames
• Source Durations - set to Frames
• Master TC Track - set to TC1

Additionally, ensure that the Icons option is not ticked.

NOTE: If you want to use locators with Flix and Avid, make sure the Show event, show locators parameter is set.

In the Lists menu, ensure the Assemble and the Optical options are ticked.

In the Lists menu, select the Assemble option.Make sure to only highlight the Master TC, Name and Start TC fields.

In the Lists menu, select the Optical option.
Click on the ‘Same as Assemble List’ button and make sure the ‘Key Frames’, ‘Optical Footage’ and ‘Page Breaks Between Opticals’ checkboxes are not checked.

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