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Q100070: MODO Network Rendering Troubleshooting


This is a troubleshooting guide to help you try and resolve Network Rendering issues with MODO.


  • All instances of MODO you wish to use for Network Rendering must be the same version. Please ensure this is case.
  • For the master computer, please ensure you have enabled the use of Slave render nodes. You can do this in Preferences->Final Rendering: Use Network Render Nodes.
  • You will need to either enable Send and Accept Assets for Network Job or set a Network Shared Directory in order for the slave machines to access the master scene.
  • You will also need to ensure all slave computers, have Slave Mode enabled. You can do this via Render->Enter Slave Mode on the Slave machines.


If you are still having issues with the slaves not rendering, then it may be a network issue that is to blame. In this case please try the following:

  • Navigate to Render->Open Network View. Can you see the slave machines or is the list empty?
  • Your Firewall may be blocking the ports needed to utilise Bonjour (which is needed for Network Rendering). Try opening UDP 5353, TCP 59267 and TCP 59268.
  • Your router settings may be blocking Bonjour, more on this here:
  • You can alternatively use the Host List to connect with the option Discover Render Nodes via Host List


Keywords: Network Render, Slave, Master, Bonjour, Modo
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