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Q100036: Improve script performance by disabling thumbnails or setting them to static frames in Nuke


This article will explain how to disable the thumbnails in Nuke being displayed, or to set them to static to help improve performance


On rare occasions when Nuke scripts become quite large, it can sometimes be beneficial to either set the postage stamp on nodes to be static, or disable the thumbnails in order to improve performance

Setting nodes to have static postage stamps is possible by changing a preference setting:
1. Open Nuke
2, Open Preferences
3. Navigate to the Node Graph tab
4. Set 'postage stamp mode' to 'Static Frame'
5. Select 'OK'

Disabling thumbnails can be done on a per node basis quite easily, by opening the Read nodes properties, selecting the node tab and unchecking postage stamp. However if you would like to disable all the thumbnails in a script then you will need to modify your '' file. To do this please do the following:

1. Navigate to your .nuke directory 
2. Check to see if an file exists
3. If it doesn't create a text file and rename it to
4. Open in a text editor and paste the following in to it:

def noPostageStamps():
  node = nuke.thisNode()

nuke.addOnCreate(noPostageStamps, nodeClass="Read")

5. Save the file
6. Launch Nuke and try opening the script again

Result: This essentially turns off the Postage Stamp setting on read nodes when scripts are loaded or Read nodes are created.

Keywords: ​thumbnail, thumbnails, postage stamps, performance, Nuke

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