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Q100061: Troubleshooting MODO UI and GL Viewport Display Issues


In certain instances, MODO may have display problems with the UI or glitches in the GL viewport. This is a guide to troubleshoot these issues.
For help with crashing or instability with Modo, please see Q100113: Troubleshooting MODO Crashes and Instability


There are several possible causes of display issues in MODO.


1. Conflicting kits or corrupt preferences

It is entirely possible that a corrupt preference/bad setting or conflicting kit/plugin is to blame. Please try reverting to Vanilla MODO via: Q100035: Does your problem occur in Vanilla MODO? to see if this fixes it.


2. Graphics driver problems

Try updating your graphics card drivers to the latest release. If updating the drivers caused the GL/UI issue, try reverting back to an earlier one and let us know the offending driver version.


3. VBO Mode incompatibility

Please try turning VBO (Vertex Buffer Object) off. This setting is set to 'On' by default but occasionally it can cause problems for some graphics cards.

Please note that disabling VBO Mode will cause the Advanced Viewport to not function correctly but the Default Viewport should remain functional.

Within MODO:

  • Navigate to Preferences (System->Preferences or MODO->Preferences)
  • Switch to the OpenGL tab
  • Set VBO Mode to 'Off'
  • Restart MODO and the change should take affect.



If none of the above solutions resolve the issue, please contact the Support team using the "Create a Ticket" link above and include the following information:

  • A screenshot of the display issue
  • Your system spec including graphics card and driver version
  • A MODO graphics log file (see instructions below)

You can generate a graphics log file from MODO by launching it from a Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (OSX) with the following debug flags: 

-dbon:qt -dbon:ogl -dbon:gnz -dbon:agl
Full instructions are below, please note that these commands should all be on one line.  This will write the graphics log to a "log.txt" file on your desktop.
"C:\Program Files\Luxology\modo\902\modo.exe" -dbon:qt -dbon:ogl -dbon:gnz -dbon:agl​ > "C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Desktop\log.txt"

Mac OS X:
/Applications/ -dbon:qt -dbon:ogl -dbon:gnz -dbon:agl > /Users/<USERNAME>/Desktop/log.txt 2>&1

NOTE: Please change '' or '902' to the correct version if different or renamed, and also <USERNAME> to your actual username.
MODO will now launch. Use MODO until you encounter the problem, then close the application and send us the generated "log.txt" file.

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