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Q100035: Does your problem occur in Vanilla Modo?


To help rule out if a problem is due to a 3rd party kit, plug-in or a user customisation, it is useful to run Modo in vanilla mode. 
Starting with Modo 11, the safe mode functionality has been introduced which allows running Modo without loading any kits, plug-ins, or custom configurations. More information on using this can be found in the Q100288: Launching Modo in safe mode article. 


NOTE: Before doing this, we would advise you backup all files and directories mentioned below.


The following steps will revert MODO to a freshly installed state.


  1. Close all instances of MODO on your machine.

  2. Reveal the hidden directories
    OSX: Finder->Home->Show View Options->Show Library Folder
    Windows: Windows Explorer->View->Options->View->Show hidden files, folders, and drives

  3. Remove or rename the Configs, Scripts and Kits directories and the configuration file found in the following places:


NOTE: Switch '<USER>' with your actual username

Configuration File:

Windows: C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Luxology\MODO10.2.CFG
OSX: /Users/<USER>/Library/Preferences/com.luxology.modo10.2
Linux: /home/<USER>/.luxology/.modo10.2rc (this is a hidden file)

NOTE: The config file is version specific e.g. the Modo 10.0v1 config file is called MODO10.0.CFG

Configs directory:

Windows: C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Luxology\Configs
OSX: /Users/<USER>/Library/Application Support/Luxology/Configs
Linux: /home/<USER>/.luxology/Configs

Scripts directory:

Windows: C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Luxology\Scripts
OSX: /Users/<USER>/Library/Application Support/Luxology/Scripts
Linux: /home/<USER>/.luxology/Scripts


Kits directory:

Windows: C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\Luxology\Content\Kits
OSX: /Library/Application Support/Luxology/Content/Kits
Linux: /usr/share/Luxology/Content/Kits


Now launch MODO and it will run as if it is a fresh install. If the problem no longer happens, please re-add your kits and plug-ins one by one until the problem reappears.  This should identify where the problem is occurring.

If the configuration file is the culprit, you can attempt to export config fragments before deleting the main config file, to keep certain settings such as hotkeys or layouts. Please see Q100182: How to export/backup MODO config fragments


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  • Avatar
    Rafael Macho

    On step 3. you wrote "Rename the Configs and Kits...". But you didn't say rename... to what?

    I am confused.

  • Avatar

    Hi Rafael,

    It does not matter what you rename the directories to, just as long as they do not have their original name. This will ensure that MODO doesn't find the directories and consequently cause them not to be loaded when launching the application.

    Thanks for your feedback, I have now edited the article to clarify this.

  • Avatar
    Rafael Macho

    Hi Will,

    I was able to finish my project last week without more troubles. No more issues.

    I guess reinstalling helped.

    Again, thanks for your help.

  • Avatar
    Mathias Gradnig

    Hy Will,

    I rebooted my modo and now it works again. All my personal configurations, meaning shortcuts and pie's are gone but it works again. My configuration file was probably damaged. Plug in's are still working. 


    Thank you.

    by the way, what does vanilla mean?

  • Avatar
    Pali Rao

    Does not make any difference for me - deleted all directories, and config file, even downloaded and fresh installed 10.2 - but still launches for Crash Reporter!!