Q100101: Troubleshooting export issues in Nuke Studio



This article provides information on what to do if you are experiencing issues when exporting from Nuke Studio.


If you are unable to export from Nuke Studio then we would recommend that you first do the following:

Clear tags
Sometimes export errors can occur when tags have been applied to a clip and there is a conflict between these tags and the export process. To clear tags please do the following:

1. Select all clips on the timeline
2. Right click > Tags > Clear Tags
3. Retry export


Test with a default Nuke preset
If you are using a custom preset, then we would recommend that you test using one of the Nuke default presets and see if the problem still occurs. If exporting with a default preset works for you, then this would indicate a problem with your custom preset.

We would then recommend that you review the custom preset you are using and check the following:

- that all file directory paths are correct and have read/write permissions.
- that information in the Content tab is correct, such as the correct Write Node(s) enabled for Nuke Project File content.
- that you have 'Apply retimes' checked in the export window when wanting to export with retimed footage.

Test locally
Ensure all your project files exist on your local machine and export to a local directory rather than a network location.

Test exporting to an alternative file format
Try exporting to DPX-10bit if you are currently trying to export an alternative file format, to help determine if this issue is file format dependent.

Reduce the size of your sequence
Occasionally having a long conform sequence can cause issues with exporting. In these instances we would recommend cutting your sequence into multiple projects and testing to see if the export still encounters issues.
If after performing these actions the problem still occurs, then we would ask that you please open a Support ticket and provide us with an example project that demonstrates this issue and the export preset you are using. Please see Further Help below for more information on sending a support request.
To include the export preset in the project, open the Export window and drag & drop the appropriate preset to the pane on the right as 'Using Project Export Preset', then save the project and send this to us. Doing this will automatically save the preset with the Project, shown in the image below:


If after following all the above steps you are still unable to export from Nuke Studio, then you may still be able to export your project by performing the following steps:

1. Open your project and go to the export window
2. In the preset you are using, select the Transcode Images 'CONTENT' 
3. Then in the 'Content' tab ensure 'Keep Nuke Script' is checked

4. Select Export
5. The export will likely fail, but if you navigate to the export directory location a '.nk' file should have been created
6. Open this '.nk' file and render from the Write node
Result: this will generate a render that matches the sequence export that was failing 



If you are still experiencing difficulties after performing the steps listed in this article, please create a support ticket to let us know the exact issue encountered and the troubleshooting steps that have been taken.

For more information on how to open a support request, please refer to this article: Q100064: How to raise a support ticket

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