Q100054: Are dongles (removable ethernet adapters) supported for RLM licensing?



Customers sometimes ask whether "dongles" (removable ethernet adapters) are supported for RLM licensing. A dongle typically has its own system ID (hardware ethernet MAC address), and RLM licenses are generated for a system ID.


Technically, we do not support using dongles of any sort for licensing. This is because we don't ourselves provide a hardware dongle that we can be sure would work on the different operating systems and machines, and the variations of user-supplied dongle hardware and platforms to put them on are too numerous to support.


That said, it is possible to use some removable USB and Thunderbolt ethernet adapters which carry their MAC addresses internally and which the host machine can read and use with a license.


However, even configurations like the above can return good and bad results with different OSs. Also, some of the dongle MACs are not returned as system IDs by our FLU (license utility) but do work with a license, so it's hard to predict until you try one with a license on the target OS and hardware.


So technically, we do not support using dongles of any sort for licensing. But we don't know how many are out there, because we just get system IDs and never know the hardware they're coming from. We would advise anyone wanting to use a dongle, to get a trial license based on the MAC and do a little testing with our RLM licenses on the target OS and hardware.


If you are experiencing any issues, please create a support ticket to let us know the exact issue encountered and the troubleshooting steps that have been taken. For more information on how to open a support request, please refer to this article: Q100064: How to raise a support ticket


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