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Q100032: OSX will not allow RLM Server (Foundry License Tools) to run as installed


Max OSX will not allow RLM Server (Foundry License Tools) to run as installed, even though licenses and the FLT appear to be installed correctly. Typically, a license server diagnostic will show the following in the "rlmUtil Output" section:

"Server status callback failed to complete correctly.
The Foundry server failed to execute the given command."
When the FLU is used to Stop and Start the RLM Server, the result is the same.


This is often due to the Security & Privacy settings in the Mac's System Preferences. Sometimes an RLM Server that was working will no longer work after an OSX update.


1. Open a Terminal (/Applications/Utilities), and run this command with root or sudo permissions:


2. Reboot the machine

3. Go to the OSX System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Allow applications downloaded from:  and make sure it shows "Anywhere"

This selects the software sources you will allow to be installed. You can reset your security preferences after step 4, if you don't want to leave it on "Anywhere".

4. Download and install FLT7.1v1-mac-x86-release-64.dmg

Installed licenses are not affected by this procedure.
The license manager should start up automatically after being re-installed.

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