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Q100096: Getting Started with MODO CL


This article will help you set up and start using MODO CL.


MODO CL is a command line version of MODO which launches a headless (no GUI) instance of the application.

The advantages of this are;

  • Reduced memory usage
  • No license requirement
  • Allows integration with Render Farms


Launching MODO CL:

MODO CL can be launched through the Terminal or Command Prompt. The default locations for launching MODO CL are:


C:\Program Files\Luxology\modo\10.0v1\modo_cl.exe




Navigate to where you installed MODO and type:



Executing and Querying Commands:

Commands can be queried in the main MODO application through the Command History. Every time a tool or feature is used in MODO, the equivalent command will be displayed here under the Undos tab. 

Alternatively you can look up every command under the Commands tab.


Example Commands:

The following commands will; enable console output, open a scene, change the render frame range, render the scene and quit the app: 

log.toConsole true
log.toConsoleRolling true "path/path/scene.lxo" 1 10 1
render.animation "path/path/renderName" PNG

NOTE: The paths will need to be amended. You can change the frame range (format: <first> <last> <stepsize>). PNG can change to other formats:

  • JPG
  • $Targa
  • TIF
  • TIF16
  • openexr
  • openexr_32


Launching from a File:

You can pass a list of commands from file which can be redirected to, upon launch. Modo will automatically quit after executing the file. For example:

  • Save a file with the commands written in, as commands.txt
  • Launch MODO CL with the addition of '< commands.txt'

modo_cl.exe < commands.txt

modo_cl < commands.txt


Further information about MODO CL can be found here:

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