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Q100084: MODO "the license specified is invalid" error message


When trying to install a downloaded MODO license it fails to install and returns the following error message:

"The license specified is invalid.  MODO cannot run without a valid license."



MODO will only install a Luxology style license if the filename of the downloaded license is correct, e.g. license files for MODO 10 must be called "modo109580.lic".

If the file gains an extra .txt extension - e.g. modo109580.lic.txt - or if you download it multiple times so it gains extra characters - e.g. modo109580 (1).lic - then MODO will not install the license.



If you manually rename the downloaded license file to have the correct name then MODO will be able to install it.  The correct license file names for the different versions of MODO are:

  • MODO 11 - modo138707.lic (trial licenses only)
  • MODO 10 - modo109580.lic
  • MODO 901 & 902 - modo85499.lic
  • MODO 801 - modo70287.lic


Note:  This problem does not happen with RLM licenses as part of a Collective or as individual licenses for MODO.

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