Q100120: Furnace or other OFX plug-ins no longer appear in toolbar or menus



Furnace nodes no longer appear in NukeX or Nuke Studio node graph menus, toolbar, or tab menu.  The plug-ins may have appeared in the past but are now gone.  


The user has a disk cache directory that is common to all Nuke versions installed for that users, and this might have become corrupt.  This can affect any OFX plug-in that the user may have installed, as well as the built-in Furnace nodes of NukeX.


Launch Nuke.

Hit x in the node graph and enter the TCL command


to find your cache directory location.

Exit Nuke.

Then use your operating system's file browser to go there and delete all of the contents.

Then try starting NukeX and using those plug-ins. 

OFX plug-ins plugins missing
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