Q100089: How to verify that Nuke Studio's Frame Server is using worker processes over a network



This article describes the recommended way of testing your Frame Server setup to ensure it is using networked workers and not local processes.

Information on troubleshooting different issues can be found in the following article:

Q100080: Troubleshooting Nuke Studio Frame Server issues


1) Disable the local Frame Server processes to confirm that your setup is exclusively using network workers.

To do this, please change the following setting in Nuke Studio on your master machine to a value of 0:

Edit > Preferences > Threads/Processes > frame server processes to run

This setting specifies the amount of Frame Server processes on your local machine, the default value is based on half the number of available CPU cores. Changing the value to 0 will prevent any local Frame Server processes from being created.

NOTE: Please restart Nuke Studio before moving to the next step so the setting is correctly applied.

2) Check if any network workers are connected to the master machine and are functioning correctly.

Open Nuke Studio and run the following lines in the Script Editor:

from hiero.ui.nuke_bridge.nukestudio import frameServer
print([worker.address for worker in frameServer.getStatus(1).workerStatus])

Any process shown should be a networked process, as the local Frame Server processes were deactivated in step 1.

3) Render a comp sequence to test if rendering using the Frame Server is working correctly.

4) To use your master machine in addition to the network workers for Frame Server rendering, change the frame server processes to run value from step 1 to be greater than 0.



Please visit the following links for additional information on the Frame Server:

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