Q100234: Plug-in compatibility between different versions of Nuke



This article explains about NDK plug-in compatibility between versions of Nuke and when NDK plug-ins will need recompiling.


Any Nuke plug-ins compiled using the NDK C++ API will generally be compatible with all v-releases for the same branch of Nuke.  For example, if you compiled a plug-in for Nuke 13.1v1 this would work with 13.1v1 to 13.1v4 but it wouldn't work with Nuke 13.0 releases or with Nuke 13.2 releases, as the branch number has changed.

Although the release has a 'Nuke 13' name, there are enough changes under the hood that in terms of Nuke's NDK plug-in API it is a new major version compared to 13.0.  In the same way that plug-ins for Nuke 13.0 needed recompiling for Nuke 13.1 releases, your C++ plug-ins for Nuke 13.1 will need to be recompiled against the Nuke 13.2v1 NDK in order for them to work in Nuke 13.2v1.

This also applies to the Ocula plugin, which is also built against a specific Nuke release version.

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