Q100020: Mari's Log and Config files and their default file paths



This article explains what Mari's Log and Config files are used for, and lists their default locations on Windows, Linux, and Mac.



Mari's Log - MariLog.txt

  • Windows: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Mari\Logs\MariLog.txt
  • Linux: /home/<USERNAME>/Mari/Logs/MariLog.txt
  • Mac: /Users/<USERNAME>/Mari/Logs/MariLog.txt

The MariLog.txt reports your last Mari session and gets overwritten every time you open Mari. Its output is virtually the same as when using Mari in Verbose Mode, and it can help understand how a user's actions are being processed by Mari. It is also essential when troubleshooting any issues, as the MariLog.txt typically indicates what led to the issue and reports any errors.


Mari's Config - Mari6.0v2.ini or Mari6.0v2.conf

  • Windows: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.mari\TheFoundry\Mari6.0v2.ini
  • Linux: /home/<USERNAME>/.config/TheFoundry/Mari6.0v2.conf
  • Mac: /Users/<USERNAME>/.config/TheFoundry/Mari6.0v2.ini

All changes applied to Mari by the user, be that in the Preferences, in specific tools, or in its layout, are stored in the TheFoundry folder, so that they persist across Mari sessions, and most of these user-applied changes are set on the Mari6.0v2 file within. As such, the TheFoundry folder and the Mari6.0v2 file can be useful for customisation purposes. If issues with Mari occur, it may be worth renaming one or the other, preferably TheFoundry, so that it can't be found by Mari in its next launch, forcing Mari to recreate it with its default settings.

Note: Before Mari 4.0v1, the file name did not include the Mari version.

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