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Q100230: How to open and edit a Hiero or Nuke Studio project in HieroPlayer


When projects are created and saved in Hiero or in Nuke Studio and then opened in HieroPlayer, they become read-only (locked) projects and the user will be unable to edit them. All clips and sequences become locked by default to help preserve the conform work flow.  This is intentional since HieroPlayer is a review tool intended to work with Hiero/NukeStudio.

The following information shows you how to unlock projects in HieroPlayer that have been imported from Hiero or Nuke Studio.  After you unlock the project, you can make edits and save the changes in a new HieroPlayer project, but you cannot save and overwrite the original project that was saved in Hiero or in Nuke Studio.


Sequences in HieroPlayer's project panel and on the timeline will show a light blue background indicating that they are locked, and therefore they can not be edited.  If you want to unlock and edit the project, you must re-save it as a HieroPlayer file. Here is how to do it:

1. Launch HieroPlayer and open the Hiero/Nuke Studio file: File > Open

2. Locate the Hiero/Nuke Studio project using the browser and click Open. A warning dialog will appear informing you that the project is locked.


3. Click OK to acknowledge the warning dialog.

4. Go to File > Save as Player Project and select a save location. Please note that the 'Save as Player Project' option only appears if a Hiero/NukeStudio is imported into Hiero Player. If no project is imported, this option does not appear in the File menu. You will not be permitted to save the project with the same name as the one you opened from Hiero or Nuke Studio.


5. Sequences in the project panel and on the timeline will no longer show the light blue background. An orange background will appear instead, indicating that the project can be edited.  Once you have saved your project using the 'Save as Player Project' option, the project can be then opened in regular Hiero/NukeStudio. HieroPlayer projects are also backward compatible with Hiero/Nuke Studio versions.
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