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Q100028: Too many MAC addresses for FLEXlm licensing


When trying to run the software an error message will show in the licence dialogue:  'Warning: Flexlm licensing has been disabled. This can be because there are too many Mac addresses on this machine...'

You may also see that your Foundry Licence Utility is crashing or will not start up.


This behaviour is due to FLEXlm code within our products and licensing tools crashing if a machine has 16 or more MAC addresses.
This issue can cause the Foundry License Utility (FLU) to crash.  Nuke will avoid the crash by disabling FLEXlm licensing and displaying the message above if it detects too many MAC addresses.  It will then only look for an RLM license.
This problem is more common on OSX machines with multiple Thunderbolt devices connected due to each Thunderbolt device adding a couple of MAC addresses.


Temporarily disconnecting all the Thunderbolt Devices should allow you to run the Foundry License Utility (FLU) and enable you to install your license.

If you are running on RLM you may now reconnect your Thunderbolt devices to use the software.

Keywords: Flexlm, Thunderbolt device, FLU Crash, Mac Address
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