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Q100231: CaraVR 1.0v3 crashes when using certain combination of nodes


CaraVR 1.0v3 can cause the Nuke session to crash when connecting various nodes, for example connecting a C_Stitcher to C_CameraSolver. This issue only seems to affect Windows systems.



When upgrading from CaraVR 1.0v2 to CaraVR 1.0v3, some residual files can be left behind which causes CaraVR 1.0v3 to corrupt and frequently crash the Nuke session.

This is currently logged as a known bug in our system.

TP 247393 - Updating from CaraVR 1.0v2 to CaraVR 1.0v3 causes CaraVR to crash



To workaround this issue you need to do a clean install of CaraVR 1.0v3. This can be done by following these steps:

1) Delete the CaraVR installation directory found here:

     C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nuke\<nuke_version>\plugins\

2) Reinstall the CaraVR 1.0v3 version which can be downloaded from here:


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