Q100209: What do I do if my Flix projects are missing when I log in?



When logging into Flix you may encounter a black screen, or may immediately be returned to the login screen. 


The reason this happens is because Flix uses cookies for authentication and these can become corrupt. The corrupted cookies can be removed by clearing the browser cache in Google Chrome or by running the following commands.

In OSX open Terminal and type the following commands:

find ~ -name flix-authentication.sol -exec rm '{}' \;

find ~ -name flix-credentials.sol -exec rm '{}' \;


In Windows open Command Prompt and type the following command:

del c:\users\$USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\*flix-*.sol /s

If you still have an issue viewing your projects after removing the files please submit a ticket to flix-support@thefoundry.co.uk
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