Q100208: Why a publish from Editorial might appear to have missing panels



When publishing back from Editorial to Flix, some panels might appear to be missing. Looking at the panel durations, panels directly before/after the missing panels have longer durations than expected.



The most likely reason for this happening is that Flix reads the AAF from top track to bottom track. The panel separations are consequently driven by the top-most clips, resulting in a "grouping" of sorts.

For example, with a track like the one in the screenshot below, the expected separations in Flix are defined by the yellow boxes. Each of those will be a single ref panel in Flix, even though the picture in picture results in a different image at the end of each clip, independently from the specific track:

If importing from Editorial using "Hold First Frame" for Effects and New Clips, this current Flix behavior means you will not be able to preview the clip succession in the same way as you can in Avid. It is important to note, that the overall duration of each of the "grouped" panels will be correct, so if there is any audio, it will remain in sync.

If the Effects and New Clips option is instead set to "Render All Frames", the full clip succession will be visible during playback, but it will still appear as if panels are missing in the Panel Browser.



If you would like to see the panel separations in the Panel Browser, rather than having the panels be "grouped" together, editors can put an "add edit" on the top clip, where the panel-to-panel separation is required. See example below:




If it doesn't seem like the scenario described here fits your situation, and you keep having issues with panels missing or being out of place when coming back from Editorial, please open a Support Request and include the following information: 

  • Avid/Premiere version used
  • A screenshot of the settings used to export the files out of Avid/Premiere
  • Flix version used
  • A screenshot of the Avid timeline in the portion that is giving problems, with clip names clearly visible
  • A screenshot of the Flix Panel Browser showing that same portion of the sequence

For more information on how to open a support request, please refer to this article: Q100064: How to raise a support ticket

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