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Q100208: Flix 5 - What do I do if my panels come back from editorial but don't look right?


When publishing from editorial to Flix 5, your panel(s) look squashed or skewed. You may see black bars on the tops and bottoms of the panels when viewed from Flix as well. 


The most likely reason for this happening is that the aspect ratio set in your overrides.yml file differ from the aspect ratio of the templates set in the Flix parameters file that is being loaded. 


Flix 5 provides several templates for you to use which you can distribute to users if the panels are being created outside of Flix. You can find them in

If you’re certain that everyone is using the same template, and you’ve double checked the aspect ratio against the current template, please raise a ticket with us via the Support Portal, or email us at

To check the aspect ratio that Flix expects the original panels to conform to, please refer to the following link:

Q100205: Quickly view Flix parameters from the browser 
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