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Q100256: Flix 5 Deployment guide


This article discusses the steps needed to prepare a studio for the Installation of Flix


 Server Setup: 
  1. Install RedHat or Centos 6.6 x86_64 on 3-5 of your own systems/servers (VM or Hardware). Use desktop install. You won’t need to run X server, but some of the required libraries are missing from the server install. Those systems will be your Flix servers.

  2. Assign a static IP and/or hostname to each Flix server.

  3. Each Linux Flix server must be accessible on the network from any computer which will use Flix.

  4. Create the same user (for example “flix”) with the same uid on each Linux machine. (The user can be from a global user data base such as ldap and AD). Let us know the user name.

  5. Set up network shared storage for all Flix content. (Must have full read & write permissions for all users working with Flix). SMB/CIFS works fine, but NFS share is preferred.

  6. Mount the storage device on each Flix Server under the same path.

Email Server Setup:
To handle emails that Flix sends, you can use your own email server, or you can use the Flix cloud email solution.  To use your own email server, make sure email can be sent through your SMTP server from the Flix Servers and provide the SMTP address to us.
Email notification Setup:

Create email groups for editors, story artists, and in-house Flix support. (email groups make it easy to add and remove users per show)

After The Foundry installs Flix
  1. Mount the network share to all clients using Flix.

  2. Deploy Photoshop and Flix launch scripts to clients.

Optional Client Tasks
  • Create a remote login for The Foundry for troubleshooting, testing, and installation. 

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