Q100214: Version/Clip token exporting in NukeStudio/Hiero



This article explains how to include the clip version and project version tokens for exported filenames.



NukeStudio and Hiero offer the ability for exported filenames to include the current version of the clip you are exporting, or the current project version you are working with. This is very useful for organizing project directories and exports, but can cause confusion if the token differences are not understood correctly. 

The key tokens to use are:


The {version} token can be used both when exporting using the 'Process as Sequence' or 'Process as Shots' options, and is used to include the 'Version string 'v#', defined by the number (#) set in the 'Version' section of the export dialog.

The 'Version' token number can be defined in the bottom left hand corner of the export tab, and can be used to give a custom version number to an export that is purely defined by the user, as shown below:


This is commonly where users mistake the {version} token to relate to the version number of your clips on the timeline. This is not the purpose of the {version} token and instead we would recommend using the {clip} token for timeline clip versions.


The {clip} token can only be used when exporting using 'Process as Shots' and is used to export a filename which includes the 'name of the clip used in the shot being processed'.

Because it utilizes the name of the clip used in the shot, if you are exporting a clip with multiple versions, such as a comp container, the exported filename will include the current version number active on the timeline.

Here is an example workflow:

1. Import clip to timeline named 'example_clip'
2. Create a comp container for this clip using 'Effects > Create Comp'
3. Add changes to comp i.e. grade etc and render comp to timeline
4. Add changes to comp, save new version using 'File > Save New Comp Version'
5. Render new version to timeline
6. Repeat steps 4-5 as needed
7. Select comp container on timeline 'example_clip (example_clip_comp > 03)'
8. Export > Process as Shot
9. Include the {clip} token in the export path
Result: Depending on how you have set up your export path, so long as the token {clip} has been included, then the active version number of the clip you are exporting with, will be included in the directory name/file name.

For more information on versioning please visit our Nuke Online Help.

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