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Q100067: Logging Feature Requests


Users of our products often have great ideas for features they would like to see added.

A feature enhancement is a request for new functionality that is not currently part of the latest release of the product, or changing existing behaviour in order to improve certain aspects of the product. 

A bug is a known issue with the product that causes unexpected behaviour when using the software.



To raise a feature request,  select 'Submit a Request' from the 'My Support' menu at the top of screen and choosing the appropriate form.

Requesting a feature

In order for us to consider adding a feature, please supply us wish as much information about the feature as possible. When login a feature request with our engineering team to consider, we use the following format. This might be useful for you to ensure that you have provided us with all the relevant information.

Feature summary
quick summary of the problem

Current functionality
how does the product currently behave

Feature benefits
What benefits does this feature bring

What happens next?

Once we have received the feature request, we will forward it to our engineering team. Please note, we can't guarantee to reply to every customer for every feature request.

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